• Prestige Quality Realistic Car Simulator
  • Heavy Duty Design - Motion System capable
  • Premium Controls - Germany
  • Force Feedback Steering
  • Pedal System with Load cell Technology
  • Built-in Sound
  • Seat Vibration
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • 5 year warranty on  frame cockpit


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 Driver Training Car Simulator

  • Premium Quality Dashboard
  • TFT / LCD x 1  Instrument Display,  (upgrade able 1-3 screen TFT/LCD option)
  • Start Button / Ignition Key Start
  • Superior  Grade Pedals -   Accelerator, Suspended Clutch and load cell Brake pedal Technology
  • Realistic  350 mm Car Steering wheels with programmable function buttons
  • Authentic Automotive  - Indicator Stalk with Headlights, high/ low beam with Wiper stalk
  • Steering Wheel Horn Button
  • Active Force Feedback Steering Motor
  • Gear shift  Manual / Automatic shift + reverse
  • Hand Brake
  • Car Seat - Sliding, Tilt Adjustment
  • Shoulder & Lap Seat Belt
  • Seat Vibration
  • Integrated Sound System
  • Portable Simulator Cockpit on Wheels 6 X 75 mm rollers wheels
  • Rock Solid Stability 6 X Legs height adjusters
  • Easy set up of LCD system
  • 3 x 32 " UHD 4K monitors for 210 degree field of view
  • LCD Gas Spring Struts for LCD Screen stability
Simulator LCD Screen Display
  •  200 Degrees Horizontal Field of View Surround Vision
  • 3 x 32" wide screen LCD UHD
  •  3840 × 2160 4K UHD Resolution 
  • Total Resolution 11,520 x 2160 (3840 × 2160 for each display)


  • Intel core i7 PC + hardware for operating 3 monitors/displays
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Windows 7 operating system

driver training simulator


Hyperdrive compact car driving simulators are developed for Commercial Driver Training, University and Medical Driving Simulator Research, Practical Driving Test or Driver Assessment which are used to replicate city driving and open road driving training scenarios.

 These compact driver simulators systems are developed to simulate a realistic driving position and view of dashboard instrument to make the user feel it is a believable experience, with the use of genuine car components Lights / Wipers, Turn Indicators, together with active force feedback self centering force feedback steering motor and even seat vibration makes it even more convincing to the mind as if you are driving an actual vehicle.

Our simulators being compact can easily be maneuvered through standard doorways for easy installation into your facility or used in mobile trailer for on-site training requirements.


PROFESSIONAL CAR DRIVING TRAINING SIMULATOR - price example for premium models








LCD X 3 - 32"

Simulator Triple Screen Support on TOP OF FRAME 32


LCD X 3 - 40"

Simulator Triple Screen Support on TOP OF FRAME 40"


LCD X 3 - 47"

Simulator Triple Screen Support on TOP OF FRAME 40


LCD X 1 - 65"

Simulator single Screen Support on FRONT OF FRAME 65