• Hyperdrive Australia – releases the new  Dominator racing sim (D-RS) QUADROPRO part of the E-series esport range.  The Quadpro sim race rig features a super strong rigid design with four steering support poles that are positioned at the front and rear of the steering head for maximin rigidity.  This is not made in China like all the copy race rigs, It’s made in Adelaide, Australia with 20+ years of sim racing experience,  we have designed this for the customer that expects the best in performance at a competitive buy price comparable with the import models.  Perfect for  esports motorsport PlayStation, PS4?PS5, Xbox, PC sim racing.

  • Hyperdrive racing simulator Australia – releases new GT _sport with PlayStation, PS4

  • Hyperdrive racing simulator Australia – GT _sport Playstation, PS4 together at EB games Expo – Gold Coast

  • Hyperdrive racing simulator Australia – releases new driving and flight simulators with adjustable foot pedals that slides backward and forward with adjustable angle position

  • Flight simulators now available with custom dashboards support all Saitek Logitech flight controllers, yokes joysticks and instruments.  Premium and standard dashboards are offered. All manufactured locally in Australia. Flight simulators systems can feature commercial instruments and glass cockpit instruments – special orders. The home PC flight simulator has never been so good.
  • The new simulator driving frame series II has larger size tube for base frame – super strong – feature CNC joiner for quality fit and strength, The new home PC race driving simulators has never been so good,, its the best racing simulator for PC, Ps4, Xbox



  • Computer hardware is custom built for flight simulators cockpits bundles  in Adelaide Australia using the latest technology. call us for more information.



  • New race sim frame model series II and series I – Available in F1 racing simulator position, seating position from floor can be 30mm, 60mm , fits our quality racing car sim seats which has full steel spring design and auto foam, unlike many other systems in the simulator game seat market that use only foam !
  • New racing game simulator steering head – super strong double folded steering head, supports 99% of wheels, now features screw holes for Leo Bodnar high end racing wheel and saiteks yokes, Logitech G29/G920, Fanatec , Thrustmaster T300, T500 T150 etc

  • New racing simulator Foot pedal plate – super strong, supports most popular foot pedals, wheels, now features screw holes extra laser cut screw holes for Logitech G29/G920, Thrustmaster , Fanatec

  • New LCD screen TV supports – with triple and single LCD TV screens fits all models simulator – in front of racing simulator or on top of racing simulator

  • Ps4 Drive club VR – with Hyperdrive racing simulator cockpit

  • Hyperdrive simulators – with PlayStation and Nissan Motorsport for GT Academy at Federation Square, Melbourne, 13 August 2016.

  • Hyperdrive simulator – driving and racing simulator seat shows off new concept Truck Simulator – Compact Model to be on view at Convention Centre on 18 April 2015 in Adelaide with National Transport Insurance stand giving customers the chance to emulate truck driving

  • Aviation flight sim / simulator cockpit simulator add-ons to be available with the release of the Hyperflight flight simulator range.


  • Sony PlayStation DriveClub promoted again with Hyperdrive cockpit at EB Games Expo 2014

  • Grand Turismo 6 – Hyperdrive released GT6 game launch in Sydney 2013 with Sony PlayStation and EB games Expo. Hyperdrive racing / driving Simulator, The Original Cockpit simulator proves to be a winner in leads the way with this latest GT6

  • Bathurst – promotes GT6 with PlayStation and Hyperdrive with V8 super car drivers.
  • Nissan GT Academy – PlayStation, Nissan Motor Sport and Hyperdrive at  V8 Super cars.  Look out for our cockpits with Nissan Motor Sport merchandise tent at many of the V8 Super car events
  • Racing sim / driving simulator cockpit seat – flight aviation simulator, aviation, motion and training.  The original racing simulator cockpit –  Hyperdrive game seat is fully  upgradable with add-ons that builds up to the bigger Dominator racing sim,  / Hyperflight flight simulator and commercial simulator cockpit systems. This simulator cockpit for racing , driving and flight simulator can build up from the lowest price then give you the option to build into a high end system any time you choose! – Be assured Hyperdrive is always updating our DYI accessories products and your frame will always fit the latest optional accessories
  • Thrustmaster T500 RS /  T80 / T300 / Logitech G27  Racing wheel side gear shift mount available in our accessories menu in our express website shop to upgrade your racing game – driving cockpit simulator.
  • Hyperflight – flight simulator, aviation cockpit simulator system made to fit all Saitek Flight controllers and combat sims
  • Designed to fit Thrustmaster, Logitech and Saitek, Microsoft, Fanatec, CH Flight Controllers for Microsoft flight simulator and Prepar3d: Lockheed Martin simulateur  / sim
  • New optional racing car seat add-ons available for sale to add onto you standard Hyperdrive racing flight cockpit simulator.
  • Racing sim / simulator cockpits a driving force pro in the cockpit simulator business for more than 15 years with our original design
  • New heavy duty steering wheel head – fits ps3, ps4, Xbox 360, Xbox one racing wheels and future accessories and center joystick – contact us
  • Simulation in Flight cockpit simulator and Racing / Driving cockpit simulators optional add-on products to be released soon

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